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About: Erexcoin is the cryptocurrency of EREX a cryptocurrency exchange platform offering a simplified interface to allow everyone to discover trading. Erex offers faucet, dice, ico, lottery, investments, refferals.Erex Exchange is improving, we work every day to simplify and improve the interface for our users.Erexcoin is a major tool in the exchange platform, it allows us to interact with other cryptocurrencies and to offer advantageous services.Among the active services are all EREX currencies are exchangeable with Erexcoin, to list on EREX the payment of fees that allow us to finance the hosting is in Erexcoin.We are preparing a lot for Erexcoin in order to satisfy our investors, those who trust us. Among these next announcements is a profit sharing up to 10% of the exchange fees collected by the platform returned fairly to investors in Erexcoin. Of course, a report page will be available to see the payments made and the fees collected. Several more Erexcoin profits are to come.Erexcoin is also the DNA